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EWAAD IT Solutions has already left its footprint in marketing and seo sector worldwide. Our developers have different strategies to move to rank your dreaming website, that’s why we’re different from another 90%. 

Our EWAAD SEO Services team will send a detailed monthly report showing how far your targeted keywords have come. Your progress is measurable and you will see a gradual increase in your web traffic as you work with our experts. Our very own website features on Page One for a number of keywords – out of thousands of companies in the world competing for that place. This proves that we can walk the walk. We really know how to take your business to the next level.
Do you know what the term Organic SEO means? It’s the dream of any business owner to reach the dizzying heights of a Page One listing on Google without using a single paid advert – and that’s what Organic SEO aims to achieve. Studies have shown that if you fall outside the Page One search engine listings, you are set to lose a huge amount of business. This is where Web Choice can help. Talented specialists at our SEO agency in London work closely with you to achieve the top positions.

EWAAD has a local presence but world-renowned expertise. We have helped many businesses worldwide with their SEO strategy and additional optimisation work. EWAAD has even been ranked as a top SEO Company for hardworking. Are you ready to reach the delirious heights of Google positions One, Two and Three? You’ve found the right people! Get in touch with EWAAD today – and let’s discuss your requirements in more depth.

Critically Audit Your Website

To start with we will run an in-depth analysis of your website. Once we have identified all areas that need improvement, we will present you with a detailed Audit Report.  The aim is to follow a process which better communicates your keywords with the major Search Engines. Ultimately – we aim to increase sales through directing more clients to your website.

On & Off Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation refers to the work carried out on your website such as the content, pictures, meta titles, meta descriptions etc. Off-Page Optimisation refers to the work carried out away from your website such as blogs, social media posts, videos etc. The goal of both of these is to target your keywords in such a way that the algorithm of the search engines like your website and therefore push you higher. EWAAD team will work hard on both the on and off page activities to maximise the ranking results of your website.

Focus On Results

As an experienced marketing agency we understand how important DA is for off page Search Engine optimization. Off seo with high DA can reach more unique traffics to your website with legitimate desire. In this way the cost is a bit high but it works 300% better than low DA off side linking. We are able to link your website with high DA websites with proper category. 

Online visibility generates extra traffic to your company’s website, which leads to more sales or expressions of interest. That is how Web Choice’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services in the targeting country like uSA, Uk, Australia,Germany and in any country  can improve the bottom line of your business. It is crucial to remember that our SEO services are designed with long-term and sustainable business growth in mind.

If you’re based in the UK,USA, Australia, Spain, Canada, Germany or another country an international SEO agency is in a stronger position to assist you in building trust and establishing authority in local and international markets. Covering everything from mobile searches to page speed optimisation, they should help you achieve more prominent search results. If you’re interested in hiring an expert in experienced SEO for your business, get in touch with EWAAD today!

Whilst there are many resources and guides available online…learning SEO yourself can be seriously time consuming and tricky, especially if you are trying to run a business or have other tasks to do in your day to day role. You can find digital marketing expert teams on websites such as GoodFirms. We recommend learning about the advantages of going with an agency rather than a solo consultant. Always be sure to ask for references or client referrals and find out beforehand who exactly you are likely to be working with. Set your expectations out clearly.

EWAAD specialises in Search Engine Marketing (Internet marketing) techniques, which can involve but are not limited to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (Google Adwords and PPC in general), on-site amendments, links removal and high DA link building. We offer cost effective Internet marketing services to clients in the UK, the rest of Europe and beyond.

EWAAD assists businesses in achieving exponential growth by harnessing the power of digital marketing to identify more leads and convert more opportunities. Most importantly, these digital marketing strategies are aimed at yielding measurable results, such as enquiries and sales. Our past client results speak volumes – so please check out our customer testimonials.
We have solid track record of taking on highly challenging major projects and consistently delivering. Now we want to do the same for your business.

Why is SEO Beneficial To Your Business?


    Research shows that approximately 85% of all websites are found when people search on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.


    SEO allows you the ability to choose keyword phrases for searches performed by potential customers.


    Solid SEO and search friendly website will help bring new visitors and potential new businesses to your website.



    96% of Internet users begin their Web search through a major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL)


    In 2017, more than 3.5 billion searches per day were performed which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide.


    The general consumer perception is that the higher a website is ranked in a search engine, the better and reliable the business is in meeting your needs.

Additional Services that will Grow Your Business