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After the last article we have come to know that raw milk are a store of some useful and harmful bacteria. Harmful bacteria simply destroys the moisture bonding of raw milk and lets to propagate disintegration of fat compound. Generally it starts a fast processing reaction after 2/ 3 hours from the collecting period as raw milk. Industry generally operates some protective method to remain the raw milk unchanged upto 10 hours with their own method following the direction of FDA. So, this is the peak question that why industry does not start processing the milk from the collecting booth. Answer is simple that their main processing plant may stay a bit far from collecting booth. But you have to keep in mind here well known industries complete 10-20 parameters checking after collecting the raw milk. If they identify some unusual elements in raw milk, they simply reject the whole jar and mark them as spoiled. So, their selection process is too much tough as I personally think. After checking the parameters like pH , taste, density of the cream etc they finalize the raw milk to send in processing plant. I will add the parameter checking process in next article after writing a crystal concept on pasteurized milk. Let’s focus on pasteurized or skimmed milk, their chemical elements, characteristics etc.
First of all I want to inform you about the pasteurization. What this word exactly mean?

This is a word what has been scientifically described as a heating process by which spoilage elements will be eradicated with the maximum rate and provide a neutralized dented compound and definitely from this process pathogens will be removed and shelf life will be extended. In this way there are 2 types of beverage or liquid food items are pasteurized.

  1. Certain packaged Liquid
  2. Non packaged Liquid

This process was named after the French scientist Louis Pasteur whose research in 1880 cut a good figure with the revolutionary in food preservation industry. The research was successfully completed with the heat process of pasteurization. Till that successful day Industries follow that process to protect the raw milk from the attack of harmful bacterium.

Now the US centers for Disease control has approved that this heating process is the best to make the raw milk free from the attack by bacteria and other microbial elements. CDC explained a detailed report that raw milk easily can be affected by the bacterial elements 3 times faster than other liquid or any type food items. So, it’s clear that liquid food process is very important reserve the milk  or another liquid items when needed. There are huge timeframed pasteurized milk in different industries. Such as – 1-2 weeks, 4-6 months, 7-8 months, 8-9 months period based pasteurized milk.

Now have a look at the chemical elements in pasteurized milk-

Chemical Elements Amount in Percentage
Moisture 90.5%
Lactose 5.1%
Fat 0.1%
Protein and Ash 3.6%  , 0.7%


Nota Bene: Strictly check that amount of fat has surprisely been decreased than raw milk and amount of protein has been increased. Our targeting point is coming with clearer concept. In next article I will include all the bacteria in raw milk and how to spoil them and why industry uses milk powder in raw milk during pasteurization process.

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