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Generally we use the term “milk” as a nutritious liquid food or drink. This is scientifically known as nutritious beverage. We all know that this product generally fulfills the source of protein and fat. Yes, you are right raw milk what we drink collecting from healthy cows has equal amount of fat and protein. I am using the raw because I am discussing about the pure milk collected from cows, so I think this will help you to understand the whole thing about milk and pasteurized milk.

We have already got an idea what is raw milk. Do we know about the first business production’s purposing milk collection? Let’s hear a story about that –

One of the first glass milk bottles was patented in 1884 by Dr. Henry Thatcher, after seeing a milkman making deliveries from an open bucket into which a child’s filthy rag doll had accidentally fallen. This genius scientist started his journey to make it more professional by protecting the milk from falling down easily and to protect from normal environmental heat and sunshine. By 1889, his Thatcher’s Common Sense Milk Jar had become an industry standard. It was sealed with a waxed paper disc that was pressed into a groove inside the bottle’s neck. The milk bottle, and the regular morning arrival of the milkman, remained a part of American life until the 1950s, when waxed paper cartons of milk began appearing in markets.

In 1990, the annual production of milk in the United States was about 148 billion lb (67.5 billion kg). This is equivalent to about 17.2 billion U.S. gallons (65.1 billion liters). About 37% of this was consumed as fluid milk and cream, about 32% was converted into various cheeses, about 17% was made into butter, and about 8% was used to make ice cream and other frozen desserts. The remainder was sold as dry milk, canned milk, and other milk products.

So, after 1889 the fact related to protect the raw milk from the parameters of the environmental contaminators is coming with a great figure.

Let’s have a look what chemical ingredients raw milk generally provide-


Principal Components in raw milk Ingredient in percentage
1.    Moisture          87.4%
2.    Lactose          4.9%
3.    Fat          3.5%
4.    Protein          3.5%
5.    Ash          0.7%


From the table I hope you have already noticed that protein or fat is not in high volume. Moisture or liquid element or in general water is the main element in raw milk or milk. So, point out on water element and fat or protein. To stable raw for long time Chemists must focus on water and to decrease the amount of fat. Generally we boil the raw milk to protect this upto 6 – 10 hours.  Have we ever thought why do we boil the raw milk? My next article come with a detailed discussion on boiling fact, bacteria fact and so on.

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